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Rod & I have been your patients for some time. We always are treated like family. We always appreciate your kindness when we had no courage. The staff is so smart, professional, and do a great service. If it wasn’t for your great service, we wouldn’t be here every 6 months. You are a “family dentistry”. There isn’t any other dentist we would go to. Don’t retire yet! We’re not ready for that yet. We thank you for many years of appreciation on our part. We continue as satisfied patients.
We Always Are Treated Like Family!
Rod and Vita Webb
On October 6, 2011, I saw Dr. Ellis for my regular six-month checkup and cleaning. After the hygenist finished cleaning my teeth, Dr. Ellis did his examination of my teeth, inside of mouth, under my tongue (checking for any signs of abnormalty). Then, as he always does, checks the sides of my neck. He immediately felt a small lump on my lower left side of neck and let me know, saying it's something I should have checked further. I had an ultrasound done on my neck; results were that it was solid, not a cyst and that I needed to schedule a biopsy with a specialist. The specialist was booked into January, but I took the first cancellation and had the biopsy done on Thursday, December 8. The following Monday, I got that dreaded news, there is cancer in my thyroid. Three days later, my husband & I met with a surgeon and knowing how anxious I was, scheduled surgery for December 22. My entire thyroid was removed and I was back to work and feeling well by the end of January. Dr. Ellis didn't know anything about my cancer until my next 6 month exam a month ago. When I reminded him about that little lump he found 6 months ago--he was as thrilled as I was for this early discovery -- I immediately received a very sincere, 'high five' ! We talked awhile and he told me about some other experiences regarding cancer and how important it is to get checked out by a doctor right away if something's not right. This all happened so fast for me, but I am forever grateful for this tiny lump being discovered so early. My surgeon said that the lump was very tiny, less than a centimeter in size, and he said I was lucky to have this discovered in a simple exam so early. I'll never forget his words, it takes a very experienced touch to detect something that small. Both my husband and I tried to find it several times (knowing where it was) and couldn't feel it at all. I've told this story to many friends who say, "Your dentist does that for every exam? My dentist doesn't do that." My experience with Dr. Ellis and his friendly staff has been very positive and I wouldn't consider going anywhere else. Thank you, Dr. Ellis, and your entire staff - you are a wonderful group of people !
Early Cancer Detection


2351 Countrywood Dr. SE
Kentwood, MI 49508