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Oral Myology & Buteyko Dentist Grand RapidsOral myology and Buteyko are often used during orthotropic treatment so you can improve oral posture and overall health. We offer holistic dentistry services because we understand the connection between oral health and overall health.

Oral Myology

The muscles in your face and neck help you breathe, eat, speak, and swallow normally. In the long run, facial muscles are also responsible for bone growth, proper sinus shape, and facial development.

However, sometimes these muscles need to be retrained so you can achieve better oral posture. If you have been having difficulty breathing or swallowing, you’ll want to ask our dentists about oral myology.

Facial exercises can treat oral health issues caused by:

  • Thumb sucking
  • Tongue thrust
  • Habit of resting with lips apart
  • Resting the tongue against or between teeth
  • Other oral posture issues


While we need to breathe to live, many of us over breathe, which can change the natural gas levels in blood. When this happens, not enough oxygen is able to reach your tissues and organs. Blood vessels and airways can also constrict from lack of oxygen. Many diseases like cancer and heart disease have been linked to breathing disorders and not enough oxygenation. The Buteyko method of breathing helps you re-learn how to breath naturally so you can enjoy good health.

We are able to teach you Buteyko breathing so you can avoid over breathing or breathing through your mouth. Buteyko uses breathing exercises to help you become more aware of how you breathe. These breathing techniques also help you maintain good oral and overall health.

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