Digital Impressions & X-rays

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Digital Impressions & X-rays Dentist Grand RapidsIf you’ve ever had braces or needed tooth restorations, you probably remember the pink goop your dentist used to take impressions of your teeth.

Thankfully, our dentists take digital impressions with CEREC. These dental impressions are then used to create crowns, implants, and other restorations. To help you maintain good oral health, we also take dental X-rays to check for cavities, impacted teeth, and other issues.

Digital Impressions

CEREC allows us to take highly precise 3D pictures of your teeth so we can create custom restorations.

If you have a high gag reflex, you’ll be happy to know that we won’t have to press a tray full of pink goop against the roof of your mouth. Instead, we use the CEREC scanner to take digital dental impressions and send the images to our computer. From the 3D dental images, we are able to create your CEREC crown in one appointment.

Digital X-Rays

We use different types of digital dental X-rays depending on your oral health needs. For example, our dentist will take a cephalometric (ceph) X-ray to plan orthodontic treatment or get a better look at your airways if you need a sleep apnea device. These dental pictures help us better understand what is happening with your teeth, jaws, and airways so we can plan treatment. A panoramic X-ray, on the other hand, gives us a full picture of your mouth so we can diagnose any oral health issues.

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