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Sports Mouth Guards Dentist Grand RapidsIf you play a contact sport, you’ll want to ask our dentists about getting an athletic mouth guard. While generic mouth guards are sold in sporting good stores, they don’t offer the same level of protection or comfort as a custom mouth guard.

A sports mouth guard from one of our Grand Rapids dentists will allow you to breathe, speak, and drink properly so you can focus on the game.

How Mouth Guards Work

A mouth guard is a removable oral appliance that fits over your upper teeth. Athletes wear mouth guards to protect their teeth from blunt force trauma to the face while playing sports.

Offering the best dental protection for the sport you play!

For example, mouth guards protect football players from getting traumatic dental injuries every time they’re tackled to the ground.

Benefits of Mouth Guards

The cost of a custom mouth guard is significantly less than what it would cost to pay for expensive tooth restorations like dental bridges or crowns. A mouth guard will also prevent your season from being cut short due to traumatic dental injuries.

Candidates for Mouth Guards

Whether you need a mouth guard for football, boxing, hockey, or another contact sport, we will be able to create a mouth guard that offers the best dental protection for the sport you play.

There are also health benefits for wearing a mouth guard for non-contact sports where oral injury is still a risk, such as skateboarding. If you aren’t sure whether you need a mouth guard for the sport you play, you’ll want to schedule an appointment with one of our dentists for athletes.

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Our Grand Rapids, MI, sports dentists are dedicated to helping patients maintain good oral health. If you are interested in getting fitted for a custom athletic mouth guard, call GR Family Dental today at (616) 455-3020, or contact us online.

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