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Digital Dental X-Rays Grand Rapids DentistDid you know that digital X-rays reduce your radiation exposure by up to 80% compared to traditional film X-rays?

Our Grand Rapids dentists are always concerned with our patients’ health and safety, which is why we made the switch to digital. Many of our patients appreciate that digital X-rays expose them to less radiation than their traditional counterparts.

Benefits of Digital Dental X-rays

Benefits of this technology include:

  • Ability to better detect movement in teeth and jaws over time
  • Easily accessible for future use in your digital patient file
  • Pictures can be viewed almost immediately after shooting
  • Dentist can enhance images to make better diagnoses

We use dental X-rays to detect cavities and other issues before they compromise your oral health. This technology helps us do our job even better by being able to enhance images.

Digital dental X-rays reduce radiation exposure up to 80%!

For example, your dentist can use digital X-rays to zoom in on a suspicious area of your tooth and sharpen the details to make an accurate diagnosis. We are also able to compare your current digital images to traditional ones taken in the past to detect changes in your teeth and jawbone.

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